Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic Without SEO

7 September 2022

Getting more website traffic is something that all businesses strive for. After all, traffic equals more leads and more sales, however, there are a lot of businesses that stop getting more web traffic as soon as they stop doing SEO. SEO is a tried and true method of attracting more website visitors, but it’s not the only way. In fact, SEO takes time. The truth is that there are many ways to get more traffic to your website aside from just doing SEO.

The popularity of search engines has made SEOs a lot of money in the past few years. If a site doesn’t have SEO, then it doesn’t have a chance of succeeding. Blogs, small businesses, and big businesses alike are using SEO to increase their exposure. But there is a problem with SEO. It is slow, clunky, and often frustrating to deal with. So what if there was an easier way to increase your exposure? And what if that way resulted in getting more traffic directly to your website?

Why Should You Try Different Ways Of Increasing Traffic?

In order to grow your website to the level you want it to be, you need to increase the amount of traffic you receive. And there are many ways to do this. You can use search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, viral marketing, social media, and many other ways.

But you will never know if these methods work unless you try them. This is where the problems come in. Since SEO has been here for a long time and is working for almost everyone on the internet, so why not stay up to date with that only?

Well, let me enlighten you. Google keeps updating its algorithm every now and then and every update comes with a new method of search engines bringing traffic to your website. Not only are you getting newer methods of bringing traffic but a lot of old methodologies are being discarded by Google.

This is one reason to not stick to only one way of increasing your web ranking. Most people are already working on building their way out of SEO strategies because let’s be honest, they are time-consuming, tricky, and take in a lot of hard work. It’s time you shift your approaches to more than just a single tactic of growing your online presence.

Increasing Website Traffic Without SEO


Any business that wants to move forward needs to find ways to increase traffic to its website. With so much misinformation online, it can be easy to get stuck using the same old methods that don’t produce results. The key is to try new things and be willing to experiment until you find what works for your business.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is like a megaphone. It’s a way to attract an audience to your brand by distributing valuable content into the marketplace. The more content assets you have placed around the Internet, the more people will find them. There’s more to content marketing than just meets the eye.

If you’re someone who connects better through audio, why not try your hand at podcasting or webinars? With most social media apps today, you can mix things up by posting a variety of content types including photos, audio clips, long-form text, and videos. Change things up and see what works best for your audience.

Display Advertising:

Display advertising is a form of online advertising that uses several multimedia elements, like traditional banner ads and big text billboards, to effectively convey an advertising message. Display ads are typically displayed on a website’s paid advertising section.

There are a lot of things that make videos great for marketing. For one, they are engaging because they are both auditory and visual. This makes the information in them easier to remember than if it were just text. Additionally, using videos can help create a strong association between your brand and the viewer.

Paid Ads:

The goal of any display ad is to get the user to convert into a customer quickly. In fact, when display ads are done right, users you target are 70 percent more likely to convert into your customer. You can also incorporate videos into your website content.

Content marketing has a lot of benefits, but it can sometimes be pricey- especially if you’re looking to get high-quality, original content from experienced writers. Oftentimes, these types of projects can take weeks or even months before you start seeing results.

However, if you want to see quicker results that you have more control over, you might want to look into paid ads instead. Paid ads are a great way to quickly generate clicks to your website. With new advertising and social media platforms appearing all the time, it’s becoming easier than ever to get your ads in front of the right people.

When it comes to advertising your business, you don’t necessarily need to stick to big platforms like Facebook. In fact, often times advertising on lesser-known platforms whose audience aligns more closely with your products can be more effective in the long run. This is because you can target your ads more specifically and avoid wasting money on mass advertising.

Social Media Marketing:

If you want your website to get more traffic, you need to go where your customers already are. And these days, that means being up to date with social media trends. This approach has the added benefit of helping you boost your brand awareness and connect with potential customers who are a perfect match for what you’re offering.

But before you start posting on every social platform out there, it’s important to do your research and create a plan. That way, you can make the most of each platform’s unique features.

If you want to share updates quickly, Twitter is a speedy platform to utilize. To make your Twitter more effective, follow some tweeters in the same industry or in related fields. For images that capture traffic, post on Instagram and Pinterest. Keep posts interesting so that users will click your link and share it. If you want to reach the Business to Business market, post on professional social networks such as LinkedIn.

Link Building:

When you’re thinking about how to expand your brand’s reach, one important strategy to consider is link building. By planting links to your content in strategic places, you can increase the likelihood that new users will stumble across your brand and start talking about it.

Of course, this requires more effort than simply placing a backlink in a blog post, but the payoff in terms of high-quality leads is worth it. To increase website traffic through link building, here are some tips:

  • Be Engaged With Your Followers: Post interesting content that encourages sharing.
  • Work With Other Companies: Recruit efficient businesses to help generate awareness for your brand and distribute your story.
  • Choose Guest Blogs Wisely: Place guest blogs on publications that will align with your readers’ interests.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is all about building relationships with potential customers. By sending regular emails, you can keep your audience members engaged and interested in what you have to offer. Always take the time to promote new products or services in your emails, and include a link to your website so that it’s easy for recipients to find more information.

Here’s how you can use email marketing to increase website traffic:

  • Be Real: Share behind-the-scenes content, and display original user-generated content. This helps create a connection with your audience and build trust.
  • Offer Value: Just like content marketing needs a high value to convert readers, emails and newsletters must provide value before the question. This could be in the form of helpful information, exclusive deals, or access to exclusive content.
  • Include All Your Links: Make it easy to read and share your post by including links to your social media profiles, latest blog posts, and sales page in every email you send. This makes it easy for people to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Referral Marketing:

Referral marketing is often an overlooked type of digital marketing, even though it makes a lot of sense. With referral marketing, you use recommendations and word of mouth from people who already know about your website to help grow traffic.

People are more likely to listen to and engage with recommendations for products and services that come from people they know and trust. That’s what referral marketing is all about. And in today’s digital world, social media platforms provide an effective way to do referral marketing.

After all, research shows that people are more than twice as likely to take notice of recommendations made by friends. So when you’re doing referral marketing, be sure to give your customers the tools they need to promote you effectively. This can be a hashtag to use on social media or an email template they can use for sharing your content.

PPC can help you generate website traffic quickly. SEO, on the other hand, can take a while before new web pages gain organic traffic from search engines. With PPC advertisement, you can make your website appear at the top of the search results without waiting for organic rankings.

PPC Advertising:

Depending on your budget, PPC ads can generate clicks to your website without SEO. Your PPC ad copy is important for a few reasons. First, you want to make it interesting enough that users will notice and click on it.

You also want to make sure to include your keywords so your ad is relevant to what the user is searching for. Additionally, ad extensions can be really helpful in explaining what your site is about and making your ad stand out more. So be sure to utilize them when creating your PPC ads!


A growing website is a top priority for any business. It’s one of the best ways to ensure that you’re able to reach the widest audience possible. If you’re looking to increase your website traffic, you’re probably looking into SEO as a solution. SEO is a powerful tool to use for increasing website traffic, but it can also be tricky to implement. There are various other methods apart from SEO that you can utilize to draw in traffic to your website.

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