3 Basic SEO Techniques To Rank Higher In SERPs

6 September 2022

Search Engine Optimization is a very broad field. It deals with many different techniques, strategies, and best practices that help you achieve your website’s goal of ranking your website higher in SERPs. SEO is a complex process, but if you learn the basics, you’ll get a good head start. Search engine optimization is a great way to generate traffic to your website and improve its visibility on the web. Here are 3 basic SEO techniques that you can use to rank higher in SERPs.

White Hat SEO


White Hat SEO is approved Google tactics used by webpages to rank higher on search engine result pages. Not only does it maintain the honor of your website but by staying in Google’s terms of service, you also maintain the quality of the content visible on your website.

You probably are wondering how it works. Well. It’s not that hard to comprehend Google’s policies. Most search engines including Google uses computer programs known as spiders or crawlers. These crawlers search your site to find the keyword your website is about and if the keywords are used properly according to approved methods, then your website is ranked on SERPs.

Here are some white hat SEO basics that you should work on to increase your site’s ranking:

Keyword Research:

Keywords play a big role in ranking your site. You should look for keywords with lower difficulty and higher searches to place in your web content. Titles, headers, and web pages are not supposed to be flooded with keywords as Google considers that keyword stuffing and it isn’t a healthy practice.

Research Your Competitors:

If you have competitors in your niche, you should know who they are and what they are doing. You should also know what techniques they are using. You should also be able to know how they are ranking their websites. Competitor analysis is one of the first basic techniques that you should perform.


Linking your website to other high-ranked sites can generate more traffic in a very short time. You can link to websites providing similar services as you so that when the searchers are looking for that particular service, your name is sure to show up in their search results.

Mobile Friendliness:

One of the common factors in increasing a site’s traffic is how well it does on all devices. The most common and frequent device used for browsing is a smartphone. Your website should be mobile-friendly in order to put a good impression on the user, otherwise, why not avail the same service from other providers?

Website Speed:

If you ever visit a website and it takes forever to load, would you stay on that site? Me neither. Loading time determines whether a user stays on your website. Their internet speed is totally a different thing, your website should be loading in secs for the user to stay interested in your service.

Gray Hat SEO


Gray hat SEO is deemed by search engines as gray area or borderline technique. As its name suggests, grey hat SEO combines elements of both white hat and black hat SEO, which means it can be riskier than pursuing a purely white hat approach.

That’s because grey hat SEO techniques can involve gaming the system to some extent, which may eventually get a website penalized by the search engines. However, if executed carefully, grey hat SEO can effectively boost a site’s visibility in the SERPs.

Content For Traffic Only:

Content on your site is supposed to provide knowledge to visitors. However, that’s not always the case, if you are using a gray hat keyword integration method then the content is only for fooling crawlers to locate keywords and increase search engine ranking rather than actually providing something valuable to its visitors.

Expired Domains:

If you find domains for sale with a ton of backlinks, it could be worth buying them to help launch a website that has more authority than starting from scratch. Another technique would be to buy expired domains and redirect their traffic to your website. That approach could allow you to get some link “juice” from a site that search engines already deem reputable.

Backlink Manipulation:

Link buying can be a great way to get quick SEO results, especially if you have the money to target the right websites. However, one downside is that you have no control if the owner decides to remove your backlink. The same thing can happen with organic backlinks, but in that case, you’re not out any money since you’re building links organically.

Paid Reviews:

Good reviews are important to Google because they make visitors happy and having good reviews and strong local SEO, makes you appear in the top results for your area. However, getting good reviews can take a lot of time. Some brand owners get around this by paying for positive reviews which isn’t the most ethical tactic, but it can be hard to detect.

Black Hat SEO


Black Hat SEO is a term used to describe a type of search engine optimization that goes against the guidelines put in place by Google. Black Hat SEO is typically used to rank websites and achieve high search engine rankings in a very short period.

Google has made it clear that they do not condone the use of the Black Hat SEO technique, but the practice is still very popular. Black Hat SEO techniques are usually used to trick search engines into ranking a website with less competition than it deserves.

Tricky Redirects:

Redirecting a search engine crawler to one page and all other users to another page outside of the intended purpose is considered black hat SEO. This is because it can be seen as cloaking, which is a major no-no in the world of SEO. If you’re caught doing this, it could result in some serious penalties from Google. So, tread carefully!

Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is when people try to make their content rank higher on search results pages by filling it with keywords that aren’t relevant. This may create a bad experience for users but crawlers locate the related keywords and rank it higher on SERPs although this is not a healthy practice and can penalize your website.


Cloaking is the act of presenting different content to users than what is presented to search engines and their crawlers as they hide the content behind an image or in the same background contrast. This is often done by websites using black hat SEO tactics in order to make their content rank for terms that are not relevant to the actual content on their site

Doorway Pages:

A doorway page is a page that is created for the purpose of manipulating a search engine’s index. It does this by inserting results for particular phrases and then redirecting visitors to a different page. Doorway pages that use cloaking to redirect visitors without their knowledge usually fall under the category of Black Hat SEO.

Negative SEO:

Negative SEO include reducing the effectiveness of a competitor’s website SEO properties by disabling or altering them. Another way that negative SEO can be used is by creating false or misleading information about a competitor in order to try and get their website penalized or removed from Google search results altogether.


It’s sad to see that so many businesses neglect the power of SEO. There are so many resources available to make sure your website is optimized for search engines. It’s vital for any business to have a solid understanding of how to optimize their website for search engines. Most businesses don’t have the time or expertise to do this properly, but with the right SEO strategy and expertise, your business can rank higher in the search engines and get more traffic.